World Of Warcraft Battlegrounds Guide

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Ah battlegrounds what would I do without you. Oh I know probably not have three broken mouses and a therapist that tells me I play too much.

It's way to easy to scream at your monitor and tell that mage he just took your sprint then have twenty-minute chat on who is the bigger noob, but we all know the minute people start losing it couldn't possibly be anyone's fault. Because they always have another character that is a top ranked arena player. Although there is the flip side of that you also have the paladin who just healed you as you where coming out of the tunnel, and that's the guy we all wanna have in the next time we queue.

So today I am just gonna write a little guide with a few pointers. Hopefully so their will be a few more people out their who will be that guy standing outside the entrance ready and willing to heal you and protect that flag.

PUGS - That doesn't have to be a bad word, but I guarantee someone reading this just cringed. That's not surprising once you solo queue so many people hear bad stories about pugs that they automatically just think. " hey just lose I want honor". My advice talk as soon as you get in the battleground. If the only thing the chat log say's is BUFFS before you start you're gonna be in a word of hurt. If nobody is talking just ask who is going where and normally that will start-up a conversation. Try not to talk about anything but what is happening in the battleground or else that's just gonna start distracting everybody on what is going on.

Gear - Nope I don't care what gear anyone has. I don't even care that the paladin healing me is wearing cloth. Because guess what he's doing more work then the guy in the corner making fun of his gear. I like to spend the time before game starts talking plans and giving buffs. Try not to sit there and inspect everyone that just got their on whether they have greens or not.

Teamwork - That's a pretty easy thing to do in premades, but this guide is more for anyone facing those queues solo. Let's take a typical warsong gulch battle. Yes helping that warrior in the middle kill that warlock is gonna help the team, but your flag carrier just passed you with two people on him. The key is to know where everyone is at all times. In a typical warsong I probably hit my map fifty times to see where everybody on the team is at . It's also easy if you just toggle your minimap (Shift-M).

Denial - Every time you click to enter battle you're not gonna win. It is just a fact nobody is gonna have a perfect record if they do a lot of pvping. It will be a very easy thing to just start ranting and raving how everyone on the team but you is trying. Just accept the fact that if the other faction doesn't win games there wouldn't be a queue, and that leads to hour-long waits to get into anything.

In summary try not to get on that mages case maybe he grabbed that sprint to sap the guy coming around the corner before he could get to you. For a more in-depth guide click the link below.
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World Of Warcraft Battlegrounds Guide

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This article was published on 2011/04/06