The Rules of Playing Hard to Get - Make Him Chase You

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What steps do you take to get a man? Do you know how to land that gorgeous guy to ask you out for Saturday night? What will it take to get that guy interested and to keep that interest going? Most women don't know these answers so don't fell so all alone. There are many women who are clueless where to start to get a boyfriend and keep him.

One of the most effective ways is to play hard to get. I'm sure you have heard this before but have you really put any thought into it? You should be unavailable to get his interest up and have him want you. There is a fine line, though, as to how unavailable you should make yourself. If you are too ready for him whenever he wants you he will lose interest. If you are never there it will seem that you just aren't interested and he will move on.

To play hard to get is something that has to be learned and is most effective in the beginning of the relationship. If he continues to show interest then you are doing something right and now you will have to remember a few more things.

If you meet a guy and exchange numbers you might be tempted to call him if you don't hear from him right away. Don't call him. Even if time drags into weeks you shouldn't ever make the first call. By his not calling it means that he really wasn't interested. If he does call you for a date say yes if you are interested in dating him. The time should be convenient for you and you are not canceling any other engagements to accept the date. If there is something going on for the night he asks, just suggest another time that would be more convenient for you. Remember you are trying to play hard to get.

On your first date with a guy do make yourself attractive. Keep the conversation light and fun but don't just pacify him with praises and agreement. A guy that is worth dating will enjoy a date that can hold up her end of the conversation and shows that she is smart and knowledgeable. Do talk about yourself, your interests and your dreams. Do not talk about past relationships or marriage. You don't want to come off as being desperate because nothing will chase him away as quickly as that.

So if you are equipped with these tips and you are dating a new guy just remember to let him come to you.

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The Rules of Playing Hard to Get - Make Him Chase You

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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