Is He a Player? How to Tell If a Guy is Dishonest

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Have you met a new guy recently and need to find out if he is a player? Before you let yourself fall too hard, do you need to know if he can be trusted? Have you been burned before by a guy who said all of the right things, but ended up hurting you? It is so hard sometimes to be open when there are so many men out there who lie to you. If you are starting to feel something for a guy and need to know if he is a player, you need to read this article.

If a guy walked up to you and told you that he was Prince William of England, you wouldn't believe it would you? That's because words don't mean anything unless they are backed up by reality. If you want to know if your guy is a player, forget what he tells you and pay attention to his actions. If he says that you mean a lot to him, and then treats you like you are not a top priority, then he is playing you. Wise up and move on.

If you get a piece of really great news that you can't wait to share with your guy, is it easy for you to get in touch with him? If so, he is probably being real with you. But if every time you call him you get his answering machine, it might mean that he is up to things he shouldn't be up to and needs time before calling you back. Likewise, if he is comfortable with you calling at any time, stopping by his work if you need to, or dropping by his house, then he has nothing to hide.

Last, if your guy keeps his eyes on you when the two of you are out, he is focused on you. But if he has a wandering eye, you can be sure that given the opportunity, he will also have a wandering pair of hands. Also, if he won't let you near his cell phone and acts secretive all of the time when he gets phone calls, you need to be suspicious. There is a difference between being sneaky and being private and you can recognize it if you pay attention.

After reading this, if you can answer positively to the question: "Is he a player", you need to move on with your life and find a guy that you can build a real relationship with.

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Is He a Player? How to Tell If a Guy is Dishonest

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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