How to Talk to Any Guy, Anywhere - The Skill of Being a Great Conversationalist

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Do you possess the gift of gab that lets you talk to any guy about anything at any time? Is it easy for you to strike up a conversation with a cute guy in spite of of the surroundings or the situation? Can you talk to someone you like without getting nervous or losing your words? If so, then consider yourself lucky! The reality is that most women have trouble talking to guys that they are interested in. however; part of making a good impression on someone is knowing how to communicate with them in any situation. To do this, you need to sound confident and be able to express yourself. Remember the following tips and you will soon be able to talk to any guy, anywhere.

• Ask a lot of questions.

Show a guy that you are genuinely interested in him by asking him a lot of questions. To begin with, take something that he has said and ask more questions about it. What if he's quiet and appears to be difficult to talk to? Don't worry; just because he is quiet does not mean that he is entirely indifferent to you. Make eye contact with him as he is responding, and remember to smile. Also, comment on your surroundings. If you're at a party, talk about the music or the food. If you're in a public place, ask about directions, the location-anything to get the ball rolling.

• Get him to talk about himself.

Encourage him to open up about himself and his interests. He will be impressed that you are interested in him and people tend to be impressed with people who are impressed with them. You can talk to any guy if you are able to get the guy talking about himself. Ask a few key questions about where he works, what he does, and where he is from. Don't ask questions that sound nosy, just enough to keep him talking. You don't need to know about his relationship with his sister or how much money he nets.

• Laugh and act like you're having fun

If he makes a joke, be sure to laugh-even if it's corny. You want him to think that you are having a good time with him. He will be pleased that he is able to make you smile. Don't fake it, of course, because that will just be awkward and he will be able to tell that you are insincere.

Remember these tips and soon you will be able to talk to any guy. Once you get the ball rolling, then the conversation ill be easy to keep up.

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How to Talk to Any Guy, Anywhere - The Skill of Being a Great Conversationalist

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This article was published on 2010/03/28