How to Keep a Guy Talking

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Do you find it hard to talk to guys? Are you great at talking to people but self conscious when talking to an attractive man? Have you wondered just how to get a guys attention and start up a conversation? You can learn how to talk to any guy at any time and leave him with a lasting good impression of you! If you have the gift of the gab but get suddenly tongue tied around men then keep reading for some tips on how to talk to any guy easily.

One of the secrets to being able to talk to anyone you don't know is not to act as if they are a stranger that you have just met. So when you approach them you act relaxed and friendly towards them as you would with a friend. Smile and imagine that you are talking to a friend that you feel comfortable with when you meet a guy you like. It may sound a bit strange but think about the things that you would usually say in that situation:

"Hi, what brings you here?" or "Hello, how are you?" It is not so hard to say these things to someone that you haven't spoken to before. If you look relaxed and friendly and act as if you already are know them they will feel much less nervous and more comfortable talking with you. This is very effective technique and if you notice outgoing people, they often talk to other as if they know them instead of holding back.

By asking that initial question to start the conversation you will soon see if they want to take the conversation further. Then just continue to talk, find out what his interests are, how he likes to spend his time. Most men will enjoy talking about the things they like to do so all you need to do is be a good listener and ask other questions from time to time. Pay attention to what he is saying and you will be fine.

People love having someone to pay attention to what they are saying and interested in them. It is much easier to attract a guy by being interested in him than trying to get him to be interested in you. Remember to smile, be friendly and act as if you are already friends and you will find it easy to talk to any guy, anywhere.

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How to Keep a Guy Talking

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This article was published on 2010/03/29