How to Get a Guy - You Can Get the Guy You Want

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Wondering how to get a guy? Well there are many ways you can approach this subject. However, you need to first decide if this guy is one you want. If you have thought about it long and hard and decide that he is the one, than by all means continue on. We will give you some great ways to make that guy notice you.

When you go about getting a guy you should always make sure that you don't put on a front. Meaning that you be yourself. So many times girls and guys alike will try and be someone they aren't to impress someone. This is very important because a guy may feel you've lied to him if you're not yourself right up front.

Here are some quick tips you can do on the surface that will help you get a guy. Go and buy new clothes, or get a new hairstyle. Even color or highlight your hair. Something that will make him notice you. You know you'll be happy if he tells you he loves your new look. Plus when you go past your guy make sure that you always smile at him and eye contact is made.

But if you really want to know how to get a guy, you need to understand how to flirt. Flirting is something that will attract a guy. Simple flirty, not something that is obvious, and most definitely not too sexy. In saying sexy you don't want to rub all up on a guy you want to attract. But be subtle in your flirting.

Find ways that you and he can hang out. Maybe get tickets to a football game and invite him. Lunch is another great option. Any way that you can get you and him together, do it. Make sure that when you do hang out you do that subtle flirting.

Now, if you are traditional, you can try this. Bake your man, or hopefully man, something sweet. You know the saying the fastest way to a man's heart is his stomach. Well use that to your advantage in how to get a guy. If you're not a great cook, still try this. Nothing attracts a guy more than a women who cooks. So make sure you taste what you've made before you take it to him.

You will need to be assertive around this guy too. Also make sure you are brave, this is important for those shy girls out there. Don't let that shyness hinder your how to get a guy process. However, you need to ensure you don't get bossy.

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How to Get a Guy - You Can Get the Guy You Want

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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