How To Get A Guy Back Without Compromising Your Dignity

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Want to know how to get a guy back without with your pride intact? One of the more harmful activities following a breakup is for you to seek constant contact regardless of the feedback you receive. You may not realise it now, but doing this only degrade yourself in the eyes if your ex. This is not how to get a guy back, as people want what they cannot have. We're talking about text message terrorism.

Text message terrorism is not not the answer on how to get a guy back

On the contrary, by indulging in this toxic communication, you're allowing yourself to hang on to his every words, and standing by to reply his messages as soon as you receive them.

Text messaging has become an integral form of communication, often replacing in person or over the phone conversations. You may think that this is a good tool on how to get a guy back without face to face confrontation. However, the problem with text message terrorism, as TW Jackson explains, is that you are in emotional distress and are very likely to say something you'll regret. It's also counter productive to the principles taught in The Magic Of Making Up.

Just how to get a guy back effectively?

The correct way on how to get a guy back is you need to re-establish your worth and value in the eyes of your ex. You need to make your ex want you back, through the experience of losing you. This means that even though you know that you two are meant to be together, you can't stop the breakup because it is what your ex has to go through to reach the same conclusion as you do now.

What kind of image are you portraying if you send text messages every twenty minutes?

Needy. Desperate. Low self assurance. Do you think those traits will help your cause on how to get a guy back without losing your dignity? Definitely not. If anything it will create a new barrier and push your ex further away.

How to get a guy back without begging?

Ironically, in the quest on how to get a guy back with dignity, the harder you try does not equate a higher chance of success. Often, the opposite is true.

So put the phone down, stop text messaging, and follow the recommended steps for the first 30 days. After all, why get caught in the vicious cycle of text messaging? Once you start, you'll be waiting in agony for a reply. And when you do get a reply, you cannot resist replying - chances are you're going to do it instantly too. If the other party stops replying, you'll be thinking crazy thoughts and gets tortured on the inside. This is not how to get a guy back at all.

I know it's difficult. There's a craving, an urgency to reach out. You want acknowledgment from your ex, even if it's negative. You want to know that they haven't forgot about you. It's a difficult impulse to resist, but to accomplish your ultimate goal of "how to get a guy back without compromising your pride" you'll need to control your need to seek out contact, especially through text messaging.

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How To Get A Guy Back Without Compromising Your Dignity

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How To Get A Guy Back Without Compromising Your Dignity

This article was published on 2011/10/18
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