How To Get a Guy Back

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If you're sitting there wondering how to get a guy back, then something must have went wrong. Or, at the time you lost him, it felt right; but now you want him back. It happens all the time, and the worst thing you can do is beat yourself up about it. Remain confident, and let's talk about how to get him back!


First of all, it takes a mature lady in order to get a guy back. The crying antics and apologetic text messages should not be going on at this time. Before focusing on him, you must decide if you really want him back, and why. This is the most rewarding thing that you can do for yourself. Sometimes women tend to want a certain guy back in their life for love or boredom; and they forget about all the reasons they are apart; which may be very valid reasons. Before going after this guy again, make sure he's for you!


Next, if you are close with his family or friends, try talking to them. Some men tend to keep their relationship issues away from mutual friends, and then there are some who don't mind being open about their issues. If this is the case, try treating a mutual friend as a mediator. However, you must be sure that this person has no opinion towards the previous relationship. In other words, make sure that sides won't be taken. There's no sense in pouring your heart out to a friend that is only going to bash you behind your back.


When the time is right, tell him how you feel. At this time, be sure to meet at a public place; preferably one with no memories. If you were an active couple, try even going go a sporting event; but be sure not to bring up the relationship during a bad time. (During a touch-down). If you are unable to meet, a phone conversation will suffice. However, try not to call him while he's at work, or right after he gets off work. Be sure that he has had time to relax from the busy day. Also, be sure that he is alone. Keep your voice gentle and low; but not low enough to not be heard.


Lastly, accept the reconciliation or the defeat. Men love hard, and if he loves you he will come back to you…eventually. Not all men are able to go from one extreme to the next without having a break in between. If he chooses to be single, you must accept this. Over reacting could ruin your chances for good. However, if he wants to reunite, be sure not to smother him within the first few weeks. Remember that guys are not as forgiving as women. This means that even though you're back together; he could still have mixed feeling for a while. Whatever the case, accept his feelings; but be true to yours as well.

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How To Get a Guy Back

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This article was published on 2010/12/09
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