Getting Him To Chase You - Making Him Be Excited About You

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Are you making efforts to let a really cool boy to go after you? Would you like to experience the feeling of having a guy desire you so much that he would give up all to chase after you? Do you tingle at the thought of being with him and you want to make him feel that same intense anticipation?


Men love a good chase, so here's how you can get him interested in chasing you.


Being challenged is a big part of what gets a guy riled up. He wants to have to prove himself and if you set up a challenge, he'll want to go for it. The key is in finding that perfect balance of stepping back to keep him coming and being available to keep him motivated.


Stop Chasing

Might sound silly, but you'd be surprised by the number of women who complain of never being pursued, but they are constantly pursuing men. Guys won't chase a hunter.


Be interesting and alluring. Look hot and be confident. Hold your head high and show the world you're friendly and approachable.


But then hold back. Don't be the one making the first move.


Stay Cool

When a guy spots you and comes over to initiate a conversation, don't lose your cool. The game has just begun. You want to show interest, but don't have that over eager look in your eye. You don't want to hang on his every word.


Think of the last time you began a new friendship with a woman. You were polite and engaging, but you didn't stare adoringly into her eyes, right? You want to have that same degree of detachment here.


He's fun, nice and amusing, but you're not falling all over him.


Sticking to Your Guns

Don't suddenly think that you can just let this game end when he asks to see you again. Continue to stay cool and let him see that you're not that easy. Let him know you'd like to see him again, but don't jump at the chance.


Keeping him working to get closer to you, inch by tantalizing inch, is what will keep him chasing after you. It really can be that easy.


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Getting Him To Chase You - Making Him Be Excited About You

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This article was published on 2010/08/21
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