Get Your Guy Back After a Breakup

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Oh my goodness. Is this really happening? Did he just dump me? I think he did. He just broke up with me.


The feelings that accompany the notification that your buy has broken up with you are tumultuous. You don't feel like yourself. You don't want to eat. You can't sleep. You're not even acting like yourself. You may feel so depressed, thinking that life has lost his meaning without him. Maybe you want to get your guy back.


Getting back together with your guy after he's broken up with you could be difficult. For some reason, he decided that he'd had enough and was willing to break it off with you instead of trying to work it out. Usually it is easier to work on a relationship while in the midst of it than when it has come to close.


This isn't the final answer, though. You can get your guy back after a break up. You must first concretely decide that getting back with your guy is exactly what you want and for the right reasons. Don't get back with him just because you don't want him with another person. Make sure that your reasons and intentions for wanting him back are pure.


Next you must realize that sometimes you can get your guy back, but sometimes you can't. Some people are able to reconcile and keep in moving. Others can't seem to get their relationship back on the right track. If you give it your best effort, you'll know you gave it all you had even if you don't get your guy back.


If you really want to get your guy back, you absolutely must get your emotions in check. This part is NOT negotiable. Guys don't want a woman who is emotionally out of control. If you try to contact him while your emotions are running rampant, you could drive him even further away. He'll begin to believe that breaking up with you was a good decision.


The best thing you can do for yourself and for the possibility of regaining your relationship with your guy is to start living your own life. You want him to know that you're a mature woman who can be trusted with daily responsibilities. Make sure your hair is done nicely, you've got your makeup on, and you're wearing clothes that make you feel confident in yourself. Be modest, though. You don't want to go too far in the direction of immodesty in hopes of capturing your guy's attention. Spend time out with your friends.


Staying active and living your life will keep you occupied and not bothering with him. This significantly improves your chance to get back with you guy. Staying out of touch with him (no emails, phone calls, or texts) will most likely lead to him initiating the contact with you.


When he finally calls you, keep the conversation short. Quickly tell him how busy you've been. Don't go into any details. Be superficial, yet genuine. Definitely don't go mushy and start professing your undying love. He'll respond much better if you're aloof and somewhat indifferent. If he asks about seeing you again, say yes. Definitely look your very best. No touching, though. No kissing either. You may give him a quick hug as you're departing each other's presence, but that's all. Remember to take it slow and don't rush back into his arms out of excitement. The job of getting your guy back isn't done yet.


As you've read, you can get your guy back. You just have to keep your emotions in check. Live your life to the max. Always look your best. This will improve how you feel about yourself. When you do get to see him, you can tease him a little. You want him to do a little work for your affections.


There's a systemized approach to getting your guy back after a breakup. If you start using it now, you'll have your ex back in no time. Get it Here.


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Get Your Guy Back After a Breakup

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This article was published on 2010/12/08
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