Does He Want You to Be His Girlfriend? Signals That Mean He Wants Romance

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How can you tell for sure if he wants you to be his girlfriend? Are you getting signals from him that you can't read? Do you think that your friend might have more romantic inclinations for you? It can be hard for the average girl to read a guy and figure out what he is thinking about her. But what if you could learn to interpret his signals to learn what he really feels? Think of how much time and headache you would save! Well, you can learn to read his signals to tell if he wants you to be his girlfriend. Here is how to do it.

He makes the first move

If your guy took the courage and time out to be the one to ask you out first, then this the clearest sign that he wants you to be with him. And as the relationship progresses, if he continues to ask you out or call you more, then you can be certain he is deeply interested in you

He wants to impress you

If your guy calls you last minute to go get dinner through a drive though...well...this isn't a good sign. But if he makes it a point to set up dates in which the two of you spend quality time together doing things that you both enjoy, this means that he cares to impress you. He wants you to have a great time with him, so he is making it a point to find things that excite you.

He does some asking around

If the guy is compelled to ask your friends things about you then this is a good sign that he cares. He wants to find out from them if you are talking about him too. And if he is asking them about you, he doesn't mind that they know he is interested.

He flirts with you

Does he try to make you laugh all of the time? Have you caught him smiling at you across the room for no apparent reason? Does he seem excited to get to talk to you alone? This all mean that he is interested in making you his girlfriend. So, if you are getting most of these signals from your guy it is time to start flirting back and see what happens.

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Does He Want You to Be His Girlfriend? Signals That Mean He Wants Romance

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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