Can Chubby Girls Attract Gorgeous Guys?

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Is it possible for chubby girls to attract gorgeous guys? Is beauty really all that matters? Do guys only care about looks or does personality count as well? The following article will delve into the possibly of chubby girls dating gorgeous guys to see what really goes on in the mind of the male.

It doesn't matter how hot she is, most guys are not interested in a thin woman if she does not have a great personality-despite the fact that most reality shows say differently. Although a hot body might draw his initial attention, it won't keep it for long if there isn't something else to back it up. A girl that is fun and interesting will eventually be more attractive to a guy, no matter what her size is.

Letting a guy see your winning personality will definitely have an effect on him. Women think that if a guy isn't intensely in love with her from the beginning then it won't ever occur. This just isn't further from the truth. Although the thin girl might have the advantage in the beginning, with enough time the guy will start to enjoy the chubby girl's better character. This will give the advantage to the chubby girls every time.

It is totally possible to have a gorgeous guy fall in love with you if you are a chubby girl. Just remember these two things:

Beauty is subjective. Some guys prefer girls with a little meat on their bones. Some guys are turned off by thin girls. Don't beat yourself up because you think you need to lose a few extra pounds. Believing that you are beautiful inside and out will become infectious and everyone around you will think the same. Self-confidence is half of being beautiful.

You also can't let yourself feel down about your weight. Everyone has something about themselves that they would rather change-even supermodels. Distance yourself from negative people that try to bring you down.

So can chubby girls get gorgeous guys? Absolutely. Believe in yourself and forget the nonsense that movies and television shows try to show as reality. In real life, guys fall in love with girls of all shapes and sizes.

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Can Chubby Girls Attract Gorgeous Guys?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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